Selecting the right type of window is very important. How much ventilation do you require? Do you want the window to slide open or pivot outward? Is it for a living room, bathroom or basement? These are some of the questions to ask yourself and today’s window technology offers lots options to address your needs. Learn about some of the most popular window options below.


Casement windows swing open on side hinges and can be hinged either left or right. They can be fully opened and provide 100% ventilation.

Great for: bedroom & living room

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Awning windows open at the bottom and have an outward swinging sash. This window type opens up to a 45-degree angle, providing up to 50% ventilation.

Great for: kitchen, bathroom, basement

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Single Hung Tilt

A single hung window has two sashes where the top sash is fixed and the bottom sash moves up and down.

Great for: children’s room & playroom

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Double Hung Tilt

Double hung windows are similar to the single hung ones, except that both sashes move by sliding up and down.

Great for: bathroom & common area

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Single and double slider

Single and double sliders have sash that slide horizontally. The only difference is that single sliders have one fixed sash and one sliding sash while double sliders have two sliding sashes.

Great for: bedroom, common area, above-ground basement

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Picture windows are fixed windows that do not open. They are perfect for letting in a lot of light and are a great fit for areas where ventilation is not required.

 Great for: basement, cold room, living room (in combination with casement windows)

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Bay & Bow

Bays and bows are a combination of windows that are set at an angle. The entire assembly extends outside the building’s exterior wall.

Great for: dining, living room & bedroom

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